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JAFPE Fire Protection Engineer

JAFPE Fire Protection Engineer

JAFPE Fire Protection Engineers are engineers highly trained and skilled in fire safety engineering. JAFPE acknowledge fire protection engineers in order to encourage self-improvement and make social contribution throughout his/her activities.


Members of JAFPE may apply to the public admission held annually. The verification committee constituted by professionals will select JAFPE Fire Protection Engineers from those who applied. Qualification standards depend on verification rules.

Certification Updates

Certificates given by the committee expire in 5 years. Certification updates are available by achieving CPD Point System* defined by JAFPE.
Variety of CPD programs for architecture engineers are held in Japan. Engineers may earn CPD points by attending courses, reading books and by other means. For certification updates, attending to certain programs defined by JAFPE, mostly related to fire protection engineering, are required. Details depend on verification rules.