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Activities And Achivements

Capsule Hotel Working Group

< Subject >
In the situation that the lack of hotel guest rooms is escalating due to the expansion of the inbound market...

Elevator Evacuation Working Group

< Subject >
In high-rise buildings and large scale buildings, the convenience for those who have difficulty in walking...

Childcare Facility Design in High Rise Buildings Working Group

< Subject >
As well as the increasing in the number of female employees, the shortage of childcare facilities and...

Study Group regarding the Evacuation of Welfare Facilities and Education Facilities

< Purpose >
As an activity for spreading fire protection technology, our study group is launching social awareness programs...

Fire Protection Engineer Working Group

< Subject >
In this working group, we established the certification system and the qualification system for JAFPE...

Meeting on fire protection engineers activity policies

< Subject >
We discussed our course of action and what we can do to stay active as an organization in the changing society...