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About Us

Principles of action

  • JAFPE is a wide-ranging organization centered on practitioners and engineers  related to Fire Protection Engineering (hereinafter abbreviated as FPE), with the addition of academics and administrative staff. In addition, we take full advantage of this feature and handle complicated fire safety issues from a comprehensive perspective.
  • We regularly hold lectures, symposiums and tours to expand the viewpoint of fire protection engineers and improve technical capabilities. We also create opportunities to raise awareness of voluntary disaster prevention with the participation of citizens.
  • By improving the technical capabilities and ethics of fire protection engineers, we will achieve a higher level of fire safety. In addition, with the participation of citizens, we will contribute to society by developing truly desirable fire protection technologies that are actually used.
  • Through widely and quickly transmitting information related to fire safety to public, we enlighten citizens so that they can realize their role and responsibility when they should play in their respective positions.
  • By instilling and recognizing the presence of fire protection engineers in society, we aim to raise the responsibility and awareness of fire protection engineers themselves.