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The Japan Association of Fire Protection Engineers (JAFPE) is a society of "people responsible for fire protection", whose aim is to contribute to safety in the event of a fire and/or an earthquake by widely raising awareness of fire protection and disaster prevention for citizens, as well as enlightening awareness of fire protection engineering. We also aim to improve the skills and ethical standards of fire protection engineers





NEWSNovember 18th, 2020

JAFPE Visits On-line a New Wood Building of Sumitomo Forestry in Tsukuba

JAFPE members are invited to visit on line a new wood building at Sumitomo Forestry in Tsukuba, Ibaragi. Wood is used all round the three-story green building with an inner court taking light and fresh air into all parts of the place: info gallery, offices, and meeting rooms. Performance based design made possible exposed wood in the interior: the underside of CLT floor decks, laminated posts and beams along the perimeter, and checkerboard-shaped LVL blocks with prestressing to form the structural core and cover the inner court space. The meeting will be held on line according to JAFPE’s Covid-19 health and safety principles at 18:00 on Monday, December 14, chaired by JAFPE President Fukui, and attended by people at Sumitomo and others committed to the project.

NEWSAugust 13th, 2020

safety design guideline for small elderly facilities was published

Fire safety design guideline for small elderly facilities ―Common knowledge for designers, operators and staffs― was published by Architectural Institute of Japan. Most of the co -author of this book are the members of our society.

Fire safety design guideline for small elderly facilities
This book was based on the research activity of WG for evacuation safety of elderly facilities and schools. This research was honored as the educational prize of Architectural Institute of Japan 2014.

This book addresses following issues.

・Establishment of the design method of fire and evacuation safety taking into consideration of life style of the residents, care activities by staffs and emergency response.

・Common resource about fire and evacuation safety for all who concern with this type of facilities such as government staffs (welfare, building safety and fire safety) owner, operator and staffs of such facilities.

Most of the co -author of this book are the members of our society.

Detailed information by AIJ: https://www.aij.or.jp/books/productId/635502/

NEWSAugust 6th, 2020

Messrs. Fukui and Sekizawa on JAFPE’s Board were selected to be nominees for the election of SFPE

President Fukui and Board member of JAFPE Sekizawa were selected in the election of SFPE head quarter 2020 to following positions by the Nominating Committee. Last year, Prof. Chow Wan-Ki who had been one of the Board members of SFPE head quarter was resigned and hence there is no Board member from Asian Chapters. This year, Messrs. Fukui and Sekizawa were applied for the election considering it’s necessary to be a bridge between Asian chapters and the head quarter and to enhance the activities of Asian chapters.

Voting will open in this autumn. Please be sure to vote if you are a member of SFPE head quarter.

・President Kiyoshi Fukui[Board of Director]
・Ai Sekizawa[Nominating Committee for election]

NEWSMay 21st, 2020

Activities under spread of Corvid-19

JAFPE will continue our activities under spread of Corvid-19 according to following principles.

1) The meetings of the Board and Working Groups will be held by online-conference as far as the following self-restraint requests by the governments will continue in the area around Tokyo, such as remote work, restraint of meeting including with small number of attendants, and restraint of the transfer across the border of prefecture.

2) Seminars and technical visits will be also restrained according to the principles above.

3) Certification of competency of JAFPE’s fire protection engineer will be carried out as usual.

If you have any question, please contact us by E-mail at info@jafpe.or.jp

NEWSMarch 19th, 2020

Attended the Case study in 13th International Performance-based Codes and Fire Safety Design Method Conference

4 members of the WG for case study attended the 13th International Performance-based Codes and Fire Safety Design Method Conference held 11th -13th of March in Auckland New Zealand, and made a presentation of our case study.

They could narrowly attend the Conference in the situation of spreading the contagion of Coronavirus. The specified building this year is the hotel with conference and gallery in suburban area, and at the center of this building there is a void space from the ground floor to the top.

Besides japan team, Canada, Finland, Hongkong, Poland, and New Zeeland had applied the case study.

The most important point of our proposal is realizing the openness of the void space that the designer of this building intends to, with small safety margin.

The detail of this case study will be shown in the seminar after the annual meeting of next year.